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Clinical Staffing Solutions


Clinical Staffing Solutions aims to provide COVID-19 evaluation, training, and testing to ensure your college or university opens for the 2020-2021 academic year safely and efficiently. 

We provide school-specific planning to ensure success for our university partners.

The Evaluation:
via Telemedicine

The Fight:

Training/Clinical Encounter

The Follow-Up:

Monitoring and Contact Tracing


Our physician-owners have a combined 50 years of healthcare experience in varied environments including student health, emergency medicine, urgent care medicine, and medical education. They each have confronted COVID-19 head-on since the onset in March 2020.  They have personally evaluated and treated COVID patients, devised policies for various clinical environments, and have led a large number of health care workers towards safe clinical practice in this new world.​

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Clinical Staffing Solutions, LLC

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